Q: Is J & D Training Ltd accredited to train operators under the guidelines set out in the L117 by the HSE?

A: Yes we are J & D Training Ltd are accredited by both ITSSAR & RTITB so you can rest assured your training will be to the correct standards.

Q: Can we check that you are an accredited training provider?

A: Yes just call ITSSAR on 01344 426230 or RTITB on 01952 520200 or go to their websites www.itssar.org.uk or www.rtitb.co.uk

Q: What do the HSE say about forklift training and refresher training?

A: With regards to forklift training click HERE to see what the HSE have to say. With regards to refresher training click HERE to see what the HSE have to say.

Q: Why are your prices so low?

A: We pride ourselves in having the most competitive prices. We at J & D Training Ltd believe training should be available to all unemployed, employed and employers at low rates so as to help promote health and safety in the workplace. This does not mean we do not adhere to a high level of quality training as set out by RTITB, ITSSAR and the HSE L117.

Q: Does your price include certification?

A: Yes it does

Q: Do you have any terms & conditions?

A: Yes we do and you can find them by clicking HERE

Q: If I was to fail my test can I get a re test?

A: We do not have many who fail but on the occasion if you where to fail and you don’t fail by much due to example nerves on the test we will if the instructor agrees usually allow a re test on the day. If however you fail with a high score or get too many 5 point deductions then you will need to pay £10 to come back on a morning for some additional training and then be re tested or the full price if your instructor advises you need another days training.  Don’t forget we do offer a FailsSafe service for only £12 which allows you to come back and be retested as many times as you wish for the £12 fee.

Q: I have lost my old forklift certification can I still do a refresh?

A: Yes our instructor will do an assessment on you on the first days training before you start to check you are a refresh

Q: I have a non UK forklift certificate can I change it to a UK forklift certificate?

A: Yes you will need to do a 2 day experienced course

Q: What do I need on my days training?


1) Safety shoes are required for training

2) Appropriate clothing is required for training

3) In winter times the warehouse can get very cold we suggest wrapping up warm during these times

4) If you are doing a refresh or a conversion you must bring your old certificate if you have it. If you do not have it you will need to sign a disclaimer stating where and when you did your training

5) We offer a hot drinks machine at 40p per drink, a snack machine, there is a fridge freezer and a microwave for food with plenty of local shops for eating out. ( we do not supply food )

6) If we are supplying the training on site, a truck must be available to us to use with up to date LOLER inspection plates

Q: What is FailSafe?

FailSafe service is a service we offer for £12 which allows you to come back and be re tested as many times as you wish in the event you fail the course. FailsSafe is only applicable if you have not failed the course due to being late and having to make up the time you have lost.




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