Familiarisation Training

    Course Type: Familiarisation Training

    Number Of Days: 1/2 Day

    Number Of Delegates Allowed On Each Course: Up To 3 Delegates


    If your operators are already licensed and you change your machine the HSE under the L117 state that the operator must have Familiarisation Training for that new machine. We offer a 1/2 day training course which will allow your operator to use the new machine safely in the workplace. The HSE L117 Section 66 states:

    Familiarisation training is the third stage of training. This should be carried out
    on the job and under close supervision, by someone with appropriate knowledge. It
    could include:

    ■ becoming familiar with a new lift truck;
    ■ applying, under normal working conditions, the skills already learned in basic
    and specific training, starting with simple tasks and developing to the more
    complex ones;
    ■ becoming familiar with the lift truck activities of the employer;
    ■ familiarisation with site layout, local emergency procedures and any other
    feature of the work which it is not practicable to teach off the job.

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