Trainee Mock Theory Test

    Mock Theory Test

    You must get 80% or more to pass, also please note in the real theory test there will be 5 mandatory questions which must be answered correctly and 5 open questions which are not present in this mock test.

    Question #1: Before moving off with a lift truck what is the last thing the operator must do before moving off? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)

    Question #2: When tilting a load forward at height, why is there an increased risk of the truck tipping?

    Question #3: Why do you stop the truck no more than 150mm from the stack before raising the fork arms?

    Question #4: The truck’s maximum carrying capacity will be reduced when? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)

    Question #5: How must the fork arms be positioned when handling a metal stillage?

    Question #6: When travelling on slopes where should the load be carried on the forkarms?

    Question #7: What is the minimum separation distance you leave when following another lift truck down an aisle?

    Question #8: While operating a lift truck what would you do if you saw some rubbish/dunnage lying in a gangway or warehouse location?

    Question #9: Whose responsibility is it to ensure the safety of pedestrians while operating a lift truck? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)

    Question #10: What is the recommended way to approach a stack to place or retrieve a load?

    Question #11: Who is responsible for checking that the lift truck is in good working order before use? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)

    Question #12: Before starting to load a rigid flatbed lorry or trailer from ground level the lift truck operator must check that?

    Question #13: What position should a lift truck’s mast be in to comply with the manufacturer’s stated lifting capacity?

    Question #14: The lift truck’s “rated capacity” applies with the mast in the?

    Question #15: When sounding the lift truck’s horn at a blind corner you should?

    Question #16: When an unladen truck is being driven on a gradient the fork arms/attachment should face downhill. This is to improve?

    Question #17: What is meant by the term “load centre” as it applies to lift trucks?

    Question #18: When parking a lift truck how should the fork arms be positioned?

    Question #19: Lift trucks are more likely to turn over sideways when they are? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)

    Question #20: In winter months loads stacked outside may be covered in ice and snow, the effect of this will?