Counterbalance Refresher 1 Day Course £110 Plus VAT

Counterbalance Refresher 1 Day Course £110 Plus VAT


Counterbalance forklift refresher over 1 days training


Counterbalance Forklift Refresher Course – £110 plus VAT

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if you need to refresher your current certificate or you have been inhouse trained on this type of forklift.  

No previous certificate  required.  You can complete a  disclaimer stating when and where you were trained previously.

Fast Track:

Fast track is available with this product.  Use our fast track service to receive your certificate quicker.

Fail Safe:

Purchase fail safe with any forklift course.  Fail safe protects you if you do fail the test.  It allows you to return for additional training and testing for no extra cost.  This service  gives you the peace of mind that you will pass the course.


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