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You must get 80% correct to pass

(Please note your real theory test with the instructor will be 20 questions and 5 open questions)

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1. Prior to operating a lift truck in the working environment, the operator must have "written authorization" issued by?
2. What is meant by the term “load centre” as it applies to lift trucks?
3. What position should a lift truck's mast be in to comply with the manufacturer's stated lifting capacity?
4. While operating a lift truck what would you do if you saw some rubbish/dunnage lying in a gangway or warehouse location?
5. An approved Code of Practice is?
6. The lift truck's "rated capacity" applies with the mast in the?
7. Lift trucks are more likely to turn over sideways when they are? (mandatory this question must be correctly answered)
8. What is the meaning of "free lift" in connection with lift trucks?
9. When an unladen truck is being driven on a gradient the fork arms/attachment should face downhill.  This is to improve?
10. How must the fork arms be positioned when handling a metal stillage?
11. The safe use of the hydraulic controls requires the following?
12. When following another lift truck down an aisle, how many truck lengths clearance is it recommended to leave?
13. When parking a lift truck how should the fork arms be positioned?
14. When sounding the lift truck's horn at a blind corner you should?
15. Health and Safety legislation places the responsibility for safety at work on?
16. When tilting a load forward at height, why is there an increased risk of the truck tipping?
17. When driving an unladen lift truck, how should the forks be set?
18. What is the minimum separation distance you leave when following another lift truck down an aisle?
19. When travelling on slopes where should the load be carried on the forkarms?
20. How much back tilt is required when transporting a palletised load?

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