Spread the cost of your course!

J & D Training Ltd have teamed up with payl8r to offer easy repayment options for forklift training that suit you. Payl8r is a simple payment option that enables you to purchase any course and spread the cost over time period to suit.

You can also use our handy forklift training Finance Calculator by clicking here to see how much a training course would cost you.

Will I qualify?

If you have a UK bank account or debit card, you can use Payl8r!

No CCJs within the last 3 years
No accounts in default
Be a UK resident
Have online banking
Regular source of income

Finance is subject to your ability to repay the loan

How does Payl8r assess your affordability

If you fail a traditional credit check, rather than rejecting your application Payl8r may give you the option to submit your affordability instead. Payl8r does this through a technology called Bank-Vision. Bank-Vision is a fully FCA approved piece of technology that enables you to send over the last 3 months of your statements in the click of a button so Payl8r can see whether you can afford the instalments!




Main Number:
01384 895 448
Birmingham Number:
0121 339 5051